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We offer a complete range of restoration, repair and maintenance services for your historic vehicle.


Our workshop and team is supported by a network of associated partners including coach-builders and bodywork specialists, wood and leather craftsmen, bodywork and painting experts, ensuring the most efficient processes and highest levels of finishing, while always respecting the authenticity and provenance of your vehicle.


We can suggest and undertake technical improvements to important safety aspects of your vehicle including braking, steering, transmission and engine performance, with all modifications reversible, ensuring that the vehicle can be returned to its original specification.

We fully encourage owners to follow the progression of work at regular intervals as we believe this allows owners to better understand their vehicles and enjoy the interesting technical aspects of historic vehicle ownership. We can also provide a photographic record of restoration work, an important consideration to support the valuation and potential any future sales of the vehicle. 

When the work on your vehicle is complete it will be fully road tested, inspected and adjusted where necessary, before final cleaning and detailing for pick-up or delivery.

If you think your vehicle requires restoration, repair or maintenance please make contact here to further discuss your requirements or request a quotation.

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